Qt Quick Controls

Qt Quick Controls 2 provides a set of controls that can be used to build complete interfaces in Qt Quick. The module was introduced in Qt 5.7.

Qt Quick Controls 2 comes with a selection customizable styles. See Styling Qt Quick Controls 2 了解更多细节。


QML types 可以使用以下 import 语句导入应用程序,在 .qml 文件:

import QtQuick.Controls 2.12

C++ classes can be included into your application using the following include statement:

#include <QtQuickControls2>

To link against the corresponding C++ libraries, add the following to your qmake project file:

QT += quickcontrols2

For more details, see Getting Started with Qt Quick Controls 2 .


当从源代码构建时,确保 Qt Graphical Effects module is also built, as Qt Quick Controls 2 requires it.

Qt Image Formats module is recommended, but not required. It provides support for the .webp format used by the Imagine style .


Qt Quick Controls 2.0 was introduced in Qt 5.7. Subsequent minor Qt releases increment the import version of the Qt Quick Controls 2 modules by one, until Qt 5.12, where the import versions match Qt's minor version. The experimental Qt Labs modules use import version 1.0.

Qt QtQuick QtQuick.Controls ,
QtQuick.Controls.Material ,
QtQuick.Controls.Universal ,
Qt.labs.calendar ,
5.7 2.7 2.0 1.0
5.8 2.8 2.1 1.0
5.9 2.9 2.2 1.0
5.10 2.10 2.3 1.0
5.11 2.11 2.4 1.0
5.12 2.12 2.12 1.0
... ... ... ...


Qt Quick Controls 2 is available under commercial licenses from Qt 公司 。此外,它是可用的在 GNU LGPL (次一般公共许可) 第 3 版 ,或 GNU GPL (一般公共许可) 第 2 版 。见 Qt 许可 进一步了解细节。

Furthermore Qt Quick Controls 2 potentially contains third party modules under following permissive licenses: