Qt Quick WebGL

Qt Quick WebGL 平台插件 that allows for single-user remote access by streaming Qt Quick user interfaces over the network. The UI is rendered in a WebGL™ -enabled client browser.

使用 Qt Quick WebGL

Any Qt Quick application can be launched with the webgl platform plugin as follows:

./qmlapplication -platform webgl

This starts a lightweight web server on port 8080, that the client can connect to with a web browser that supports WebGL. The listening port can be configured as follows:

./qmlapplication -platform webgl:port=80

Keyboard, mouse, touch, and multi-touch events from the client are passed to the application.


  • Streaming OpenGL® commands over the network imposes an amount of delay compared to running the application locally.
  • Desktop applications that use Qt Widgets are not supported by the plugin.
  • Text elements may not display correctly when the Text.NativeRendering render type option is set.
  • Only one active client per process is permitted. Subsequent clients attempting to connect to the server will see a loading indicator until the previous client disconnects.
  • Streaming audio is not supported.

注意: webgl 插件要求 threaded render loop . On Windows and other platforms that use a different render loop by default, set the QSG_RENDER_LOOP environment variable accordingly:

set QSG_RENDER_LOOP=threaded


Qt Quick WebGL is available under commercial licenses from Qt 公司 。此外,它是可用的在 GNU GPL (一般公共许可) 第 3 版 。见 Qt 许可 进一步了解细节。