Qt X11 Extras

Qt X11 Extras enables the Qt programmer to write applications for the Linux/X11 platform. Applications developed with Qt can also be deployed across several other desktop and embedded operating systems without having to rewrite the source code.



#include <QX11Info>

要链接到模块,添加此行到 qmake .pro 文件:

QT += x11extras

Requirements for using X11 with Qt: Qt for X11 要求


Qt X11 Extras is available under commercial licenses from Qt 公司 。此外,它在自由软件许可下是可用的。从 Qt 5.4 起,这些自由软件许可是 GNU LGPL (次一般公共许可) 第 3 版 ,或 GNU GPL (一般公共许可) 第 2 版 。见 Qt 许可 进一步了解细节。

API 参考

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