Qt Sensors - SensorGesture QML Type example

Demonstrates the use of SensorGesture QML type.


To write a QML application that will use the gesture plugin, following steps are needed:

Import the QtSensors 5.x module:

 import QtSensors 5.0

Add the SensorGesture QML type into your qml file.

     SensorGesture {
         id: sensorGesture
         enabled: false
         onDetected: {
             if (gesture !== oldGesture)
                 count = 0;
             valueText.text = gesture + " " + count;
             oldGesture = gesture;
         onEnabledChanged: {
             valueText.text = ""

SensorGesture QML type contains a property called gestures. This example uses an alias gestureId for this property.

     property alias gestureId: sensorGesture.gestures

Then, the gesture or gestures to use can be specified using the alias:

         onSelectedGestureChanged: {
             gesture.enabled = false;
             gesture.gestureId = gestureList.selectedGesture;

A list of all available gestures is accessible through the availableGestures 特性:

         ListView {
             id: gestureList
             model: gesture.availableGestures


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