Qt Designer 手册

Qt Designer 是用于设计和构建 GUI (图形用户界面) 的 Qt 工具采用 Qt Widgets 。可以按 WYSIWYG (所见即所得) 方式合成和定制窗口或对话框,并测试它们使用不同样式和分辨率。

Widget 和表单的创建采用 Qt Designer 无缝集成编程代码,使用 Qt 信号和槽机制,以便可以轻松地把行为赋值给图形元素。所有特性设置在 Qt Designer 可以在代码内动态改变。此外,像 Widget 改进和自定义插件等特征允许您使用自己的组件采用 Qt Designer .

注意: You have the option of using Qt Quick for user interface design rather than widgets. It is a much easier way to write many kinds of applications. It enables a completely customizable appearance, touch-reactive elements, and smooth animated transitions, backed up by the power of OpenGL graphics acceleration.

If you are new to Qt Designer , you can take a look at the Getting To Know Qt Designer document. For a quick tutorial on how to use Qt Designer , refer to Qt Designer 快速入门 .