Preparing BSP for i.MX6 Quad Board

With MULTI Launcher, you can prepare the board support package (BSP) for i.MX6 Quad board:

  1. Start MULTI Launcher.
  2. Start Project Manager by selecting Components > Open Project Manager.
  3. In your INTEGRITY installation, select the project file default.gpj under the platform-cortex-a9 folder:

  4. Select Open.

In the MULTI Project Manager view, you see a tree structure of the opened project.

Clean default.gpj and build the projects:

  1. Select Build > Clean default.gpj.
  2. Select the files system_libs.gpj, bsp_libs.gpj, and kernel.gpj one by one, and select Build > Build Project <file name> for each selected file.

Preparation for the board support package is now done.