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#include <QAxBindable> #include <QAxFactory> #include <QApplication> #include <QLayout> #include <QSlider> #include <QLCDNumber> #include <QLineEdit> #include <QMessageBox> class QSimpleAX : public QWidget, public QAxBindable { Q_OBJECT Q_CLASSINFO("ClassID", "{DF16845C-92CD-4AAB-A982-EB9840E74669}") Q_CLASSINFO("InterfaceID", "{616F620B-91C5-4410-A74E-6B81C76FFFE0}") Q_CLASSINFO("EventsID", "{E1816BBA-BF5D-4A31-9855-D6BA432055FF}") Q_PROPERTY(QString text READ text WRITE setText) Q_PROPERTY(int value READ value WRITE setValue) public: explicit QSimpleAX(QWidget *parent = nullptr) : QWidget(parent) { QVBoxLayout *vbox = new QVBoxLayout(this); m_slider = new QSlider(Qt::Horizontal, this); m_LCD = new QLCDNumber(3, this); m_edit = new QLineEdit(this); connect(m_slider, &QAbstractSlider::valueChanged, this, &QSimpleAX::setValue); connect(m_edit, &QLineEdit::textChanged, this, &QSimpleAX::setText); vbox->addWidget(m_slider); vbox->addWidget(m_LCD); vbox->addWidget(m_edit); } QString text() const { return m_edit->text(); } int value() const { return m_slider->value(); } signals: void someSignal(); void valueChanged(int); void textChanged(const QString&); public slots: void setText(const QString &string) { if (!requestPropertyChange("text")) return; QSignalBlocker blocker(m_edit); m_edit->setText(string); emit someSignal(); emit textChanged(string); propertyChanged("text"); } void about() { QMessageBox::information( this, "About QSimpleAX", "This is a Qt widget, and this slot has been\n" "called through ActiveX/OLE automation!" ); } void setValue(int i) { if (!requestPropertyChange("value")) return; QSignalBlocker blocker(m_slider); m_slider->setValue(i); m_LCD->display(i); emit valueChanged(i); propertyChanged("value"); } private: QSlider *m_slider; QLCDNumber *m_LCD; QLineEdit *m_edit; }; #include "main.moc" QAXFACTORY_BEGIN( "{EC08F8FC-2754-47AB-8EFE-56A54057F34E}", // type library ID "{A095BA0C-224F-4933-A458-2DD7F6B85D8F}") // application ID QAXCLASS(QSimpleAX) QAXFACTORY_END()