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#include "addressview.h" #include "msoutl.h" #include <QtWidgets> class AddressBookModel : public QAbstractListModel { public: explicit AddressBookModel(AddressView *parent); virtual ~AddressBookModel(); int rowCount(const QModelIndex &parent = QModelIndex()) const; int columnCount(const QModelIndex &parent) const; QVariant headerData(int section, Qt::Orientation orientation, int role) const; QVariant data(const QModelIndex &index, int role) const; void changeItem(const QModelIndex &index, const QString &firstName, const QString &lastName, const QString &address, const QString &email); void addItem(const QString &firstName, const QString &lastName, const QString &address, const QString &email); void update(); private: Outlook::Application outlook; Outlook::Items * contactItems; mutable QHash<QModelIndex, QStringList> cache; }; AddressBookModel::AddressBookModel(AddressView *parent) : QAbstractListModel(parent) { if (!outlook.isNull()) { Outlook::NameSpace session(outlook.Session()); session.Logon(); Outlook::MAPIFolder *folder = session.GetDefaultFolder(Outlook::olFolderContacts); contactItems = new Outlook::Items(folder->Items()); connect(contactItems, SIGNAL(ItemAdd(IDispatch*)), parent, SLOT(updateOutlook())); connect(contactItems, SIGNAL(ItemChange(IDispatch*)), parent, SLOT(updateOutlook())); connect(contactItems, SIGNAL(ItemRemove()), parent, SLOT(updateOutlook())); delete folder; } } AddressBookModel::~AddressBookModel() { delete contactItems; if (!outlook.isNull()) Outlook::NameSpace(outlook.Session()).Logoff(); } int AddressBookModel::rowCount(const QModelIndex &) const { return contactItems ? contactItems->Count() : 0; } int AddressBookModel::columnCount(const QModelIndex & /*parent*/) const { return 4; } QVariant AddressBookModel::headerData(int section, Qt::Orientation /*orientation*/, int role) const { if (role != Qt::DisplayRole) return QVariant(); switch (section) { case 0: return tr("First Name"); case 1: return tr("Last Name"); case 2: return tr("Address"); case 3: return tr("Email"); default: break; } return QVariant(); } QVariant AddressBookModel::data(const QModelIndex &index, int role) const { if (!index.isValid() || role != Qt::DisplayRole) return QVariant(); QStringList data; if (cache.contains(index)) { data = cache.value(index); } else { Outlook::ContactItem contact(contactItems->Item(index.row() + 1)); data << contact.FirstName() << contact.LastName() << contact.HomeAddress() << contact.Email1Address(); cache.insert(index, data); } if (index.column() < data.count()) return; return QVariant(); } void AddressBookModel::changeItem(const QModelIndex &index, const QString &firstName, const QString &lastName, const QString &address, const QString &email) { Outlook::ContactItem item(contactItems->Item(index.row() + 1)); item.SetFirstName(firstName); item.SetLastName(lastName); item.SetHomeAddress(address); item.SetEmail1Address(email); item.Save(); cache.take(index); } void AddressBookModel::addItem(const QString &firstName, const QString &lastName, const QString &address, const QString &email) { Outlook::ContactItem item(outlook.CreateItem(Outlook::olContactItem)); if (!item.isNull()) { item.SetFirstName(firstName); item.SetLastName(lastName); item.SetHomeAddress(address); item.SetEmail1Address(email); item.Save(); } } void AddressBookModel::update() { beginResetModel(); cache.clear(); endResetModel(); } AddressView::AddressView(QWidget *parent) : QWidget(parent) { QGridLayout *mainGrid = new QGridLayout(this); QLabel *firstNameLabel = new QLabel(tr("First &Name"), this); firstNameLabel->resize(firstNameLabel->sizeHint()); mainGrid->addWidget(firstNameLabel, 0, 0); QLabel *lastNameLabel = new QLabel(tr("&Last Name"), this); lastNameLabel->resize(lastNameLabel->sizeHint()); mainGrid->addWidget(lastNameLabel, 0, 1); QLabel *addressLabel = new QLabel(tr("Add&ress"), this); addressLabel->resize(addressLabel->sizeHint()); mainGrid->addWidget(addressLabel, 0, 2); QLabel *emailLabel = new QLabel(tr("&E-Mail"), this); emailLabel->resize(emailLabel->sizeHint()); mainGrid->addWidget(emailLabel, 0, 3); m_addButton = new QPushButton(tr("A&dd"), this); m_addButton->resize(m_addButton->sizeHint()); mainGrid->addWidget(m_addButton, 0, 4); connect(m_addButton, &QPushButton::clicked, this, &AddressView::addEntry); m_firstName = new QLineEdit(this); m_firstName->resize(m_firstName->sizeHint()); mainGrid->addWidget(m_firstName, 1, 0); firstNameLabel->setBuddy(m_firstName); m_lastName = new QLineEdit(this); m_lastName->resize(m_lastName->sizeHint()); mainGrid->addWidget(m_lastName, 1, 1); lastNameLabel->setBuddy(m_lastName); m_address = new QLineEdit(this); m_address->resize(m_address->sizeHint()); mainGrid->addWidget(m_address, 1, 2); addressLabel->setBuddy(m_address); m_email = new QLineEdit(this); m_email->resize(m_email->sizeHint()); mainGrid->addWidget(m_email, 1, 3); emailLabel->setBuddy(m_email); m_changeButton = new QPushButton(tr("&Change"), this); m_changeButton->resize(m_changeButton->sizeHint()); mainGrid->addWidget(m_changeButton, 1, 4); connect(m_changeButton, &QPushButton::clicked, this, &AddressView::changeEntry); m_treeView = new QTreeView(this); m_treeView->setSelectionMode(QTreeView::SingleSelection); m_treeView->setRootIsDecorated(false); model = new AddressBookModel(this); m_treeView->setModel(model); connect(m_treeView->selectionModel(), &QItemSelectionModel::currentChanged, this, &AddressView::itemSelected); mainGrid->addWidget(m_treeView, 2, 0, 1, 5); } void AddressView::updateOutlook() { model->update(); } void AddressView::addEntry() { if (!m_firstName->text().isEmpty() || !m_lastName->text().isEmpty() || !m_address->text().isEmpty() || !m_email->text().isEmpty()) { model->addItem(m_firstName->text(), m_lastName->text(), m_address->text(), m_email->text()); } m_firstName->clear(); m_lastName->clear(); m_address->clear(); m_email->clear(); } void AddressView::changeEntry() { QModelIndex current = m_treeView->currentIndex(); if (current.isValid()) model->changeItem(current, m_firstName->text(), m_lastName->text(), m_address->text(), m_email->text()); } void AddressView::itemSelected(const QModelIndex &index) { if (!index.isValid()) return; QAbstractItemModel *model = m_treeView->model(); m_firstName->setText(model->data(model->index(index.row(), 0)).toString()); m_lastName->setText(model->data(model->index(index.row(), 1)).toString()); m_address->setText(model->data(model->index(index.row(), 2)).toString()); m_email->setText(model->data(model->index(index.row(), 3)).toString()); }